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Infenix provided project management and construction inspection personnel under the General Construction Support Services (GCSS) contract to support Valley Metro in administering a Job Order Contracting program.

Project info
Project Management and Construction Inspection
Valley Metro
Date of Services:
March 2018 - 2020

The JOC program was implemented to promote a state-of-good-repair of existing light rail and bus infrastructure to comply with asset management protocol. In addition, the JOC program facilitates the performance of smaller improvement projects throughout the rail and bus network. Examples of projects are as follows:

  • Bus Yard Real Time Locator System (RTLS) – Install RTLS infrastructure at two bus maintenance yards to support the implementation of an automated bus storage and tracking system.
Bus Yard Real Time Locator System (RTLS)
  • Station Painting – Perform painting of existing light rail station platforms with new color scheme. A new epoxy-based paint system was selected to promote a more durable finish at the station platforms.
Repainted light rail station at 19th Ave and Montebello
  • New Bus Park and Ride Facility – Installation of a new park and ride facility in Peoria to accommodate a new bus route. This project included use of permeable pavement for drainage purposes.
  • HVAC Replacement – Replacement of existing HVAC units at various rail facilities to promote a state-of-good-repair as the existing HVAC units were nearing the end of their service life.
  • Miscellaneous Projects – Erosion repairs, expansion joint replacement, asphalt repair, parking lot striping, railing replacement, fence installation, and other various projects.

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