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Infenix, LLC was started in 2017 with the vision of providing a new level of Project Management, Construction Management, Construction Administration and Inspection services to our clients. Infenix was founded with a primary focus on public transportation projects in Arizona, including railways, highways and airports.

Luis Mota
Chief Executive Manager

We have the experience to provide qualified staff to assist with complex projects.

We are experienced in providing Project Management and Construction Management, Administration, and Inspection staff on major infrastructure projects. We understand that planning and developing this infrastructure is a long-term investment that requires a significant amount of technical support. We offer expertise in providing personnel to assist our clients in managing the design and construction of major infrastructure projects, including projects >$100M.

Our Mission.

To develop, recruit and retain the most respected professionals in the industry; professionals that understand the value of customer service and focus on the big picture.

Lindsey Lawless
Operations Support

Meet our Team.

Key staff from our firm have provided project management, construction administration, and inspection services on numerous roadway, aviation, and transit projects.

Luis Mota
Chief Executive Manager
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Luis Mota is an Arizona registered Professional Engineer with a Civil Engineering degree from Purdue University. He has provided construction management, administration and inspection services to various public transportation agencies in Illinois and Arizona for 23 years. In addition to consistently maintaining an active role in the project delivery process, Luis has also held executive positions for more than half of his career. Those roles include Vice President, Area Manager, and Business Owner. He is the Chief Executive Manager for Infenix and currently serving as the Project Manager for the Tempe Streetcar project.

Jake Wolff
Managing Member
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Jake Wolff is a Managing Member of Infenix and an Arizona registered Professional Engineer with a Civil Engineering degree from Arizona State University. He has over 10 years of experience in providing Construction Management, Administration, and Inspection services to clients throughout Arizona. His career has been focused on delivering large-scale transportation infrastructure projects in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, most notably highway and light rail transit projects. By way of these experiences, alternative project delivery methods have become second nature to Jake as much of his experience has been gained on CMAR and Design-Build projects. Throughout his progression from a Field Inspector to a Project Manager, he has learned how to effectively work with various agencies, cities, municipalities, stakeholders, contractors, and third-party utilities to achieve the best results for his clients. Jake has demonstrated that he is capable of successfully leading project teams to deliver challenging projects.

Christopher Laute
Civil Engineer
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Christopher has extensive experience in managing and inspecting construction projects, including light rail, highway, and airport infrastructure. His experience ranges from providing electrical inspection on an airport project, to supporting the GEC as an Office Engineer on the Honolulu Rapid Transit project in Hawaii to providing construction management support at the Denver International Airport. He has extensive experience in alternative delivery methods including Design-Build and Construction Management at Risk (CM@R).

Don Blankenship
Construction Inspection Supervisor
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Don Blankenship is a Construction Inspection Supervisor. His 17 year construction career has been focused on the inspection and delivery of large and small scale construction projects from both the Developer funded and from the City of Phoenix funded sides of various infrastructure development.His experience includes all three of the previous Valley Metro light rail projects within the City of Phoenix, dating back from 2006. He has also worked on large scale public and private commercial projects such as Camelback Ranch Spring Training Complex, Sagewood Adult Community, Music Instrument Museum, Shops at Norterra, North Valley Commerce Center, Algodon Medical Complex and residential Planned Communities Developments such as Dynamite Mountain Ranch, North Gateway and Valley Vista PCD, plus several arterial roadways including the seven mile roadway called Sonoran Boulevard. Much of his experience has been gained on projects with tight schedules, tight budgets and quality control concerns and by way of these experiences, Don has become accustomed to creative alternative project delivery methods. Throughout his construction career progression from a Field Inspector to a Construction Inspection Supervisor, he has learned how to effectively interact with various developers, contractors, city agencies, and stakeholders to achieve the best results for the public, the contractor and the responsible agency. Don has also demonstrated that he is capable of being a successful leader while working with contractors to achieve the plan completion, and to deliver challenging projects. In addition to Construction Inspection, Don has also worked in a supervisory capacity for over 18 years managing crews of up to 50 personnel.

Bill Fryer
Project Supervisor
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Bill Fryer is a Project Supervisor with over 25 years of experience in construction administration and inspection. His primary focus has been consulting on Arizona Department of Transportation freeways, highways, and local government projects. He has extensive experience working on Alternative Delivery contracts, including Design Build, CMAR and Public Private Partnerships (P3). Throughout his career Bill has focused on building strong relationships with clients, consulting firms and contractors to ensure the successful delivery of multifaceted projects. He has a strong understanding of industry standards and specifications and has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage any task or role assigned to him during the course of the project. Bill began his career in 1996 as a field inspector with ADOT working on the new construction of SR51 from Shea Blvd. to Thunderbird Road. Most recently he just completed a four year assignment as a Project Supervisor on the 202L South Mountain Freeway project and is currently working with the GEC team and ADOT on the I-10 Broadway Curve.

Charlita Lara
Sr. Project Coordinator
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Charlita is a Project Coordinator with ten years of experience in construction administration for roads and highways servicing the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and local government agencies.

She has displayed an ability to thrive in dynamically changing environments requiring focused decision making. Utilizing her strong analytical and problem-solving skills, she excels at improving operational efficiency and team productivity.

Throughout her career, Charlita has fostered outstanding working relationships with stakeholders to ensure successful completion of multifaceted projects. She has extensive experience working on alternative delivery projects with ADOT such as the Interstate 10 - State Route 87 realignment and the South Mountain Freeway P3 project.

Ed Hahn
Lead Inspector
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Ed Hahn has over 15 years of experience in heavy roadway construction, public works, and capital improvement projects including a geotechnical background. Most recently, Ed was an integral part of the SR202L – South Mountain Freeway P3 Project, providing independent quality acceptance inspection.  Via a public-private partnership with Connect202 Partners and the Arizona Department of Transportation, Ed upheld the highest quality of standards while providing superior customer service.  

Mr. Hahn formerly worked for the City of Scottsdale as a Public Works Inspector.  Throughout his career, Ed has built strong relationships with both the private and public sector.  Ed currently is City of Phoenix certified with the following industry recognized associations – ACI, ATTI, IMSA, and ATSSA.  

In his new role, Mr. Hahn has been assigned to the I-10 Broadway Curve project working with the GEC team and Arizona Department of Transportation.  Ed graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance from the college of business.  His new focus is becoming an Arizona Registered Professional Engineer.

Juan Zambrano
Construction Inspector
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Juan Zambrano is a recent Civil Engineering graduate from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a specialization in Construction Management. Juan has over 3 years of construction inspection experience where he has served the City of Chicago on a high-profile project, the Wells Wentworth Connector. His early career has focused on performing high levels of inspection on this Design-Bid-Build project where he would daily work closely with the CM/Engineering team, general contractor, and subcontractors. Juan has inspection experience with construction of roadway, new utilities, bridge substructures, steel bridge superstructure, and more.

Juan is an ambitious young professional who is continuously attempting to increase his knowledge of the industry. He is a Construction Manager-in-Training and is currently concentrating on achieving his goal of becoming an Arizona registered Professional Engineer.

Scott Cays
SR. Construction Specialist
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Scott Cays has over 40 years of work experience in heavy highway, private and commercial construction industries.  As Senior Project Manager, Scott is responsible for scheduling, project forecast, owner and subcontractor pay estimates, cost analysis, and supplier payment.  Scott’s experience includes assisting the COO and dispatch in overseeing private, commercial, and agency projects running consecutively, as well as managing approximately 300 employees.  

Scott has experience managing ADOT, CALTRANS, TXDOT, and Nevada/Idaho construction projects, including various projects throughout Arizona.  In addition to his vast experience as both Senior Project Manager and Operations Manager, Scott has trained and supervised interns, project engineers, new managers, and subcontractors.  

Scott has won multiple partnering awards with state, federal, municipalities, and private firms, and he consistently creates strong partnering relationships with owners and clients.

Kelly Boyce
Sr. Document Control Specialist
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Kelly Boyce possesses over 40 years of construction, inspection, and surveying experience throughout Arizona and Nebraska.  Kelly began his career in the survey field as part of the Calamus Dam and canal project in central Nebraska. Kelly transferred that survey knowledge to the City of Phoenix, where over the next 33 years he performed the jobs of surveyor, inspector, and plan review.  

Kelly’s vast experience includes inspections of grading and drainage, landscape, concrete, paving, water, and sewer.  Kelly has also trained and supervised inspectors for various projects.  In addition to Kelly’s experience in inspection and construction, Kelly has been a plan reviewer for over 16 years.  In this role, he has reviewed plans for projects that are submitted for permitting, which includes being responsible for ensuring that all codes and designs meet the requirements for each department before they could be approved and sent to the field for inspection and construction.

 Kelly also reviewed plans in the inspection field for as-built quality and to ensure that once the project was complete, that all City, County, and State of Arizona code requirements were still being met.  

Kelly is currently assigned to the City of Phoenix Transit Light Rail project.

Jose A. Hernandez-Ortega
Lead Inspector - ACI, ATTI, ECC, and ATSSA Certified
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Jose Hernandez-Ortega has over 15 years of vast experience in highway and roadway construction inspection throughout Arizona.  Jose’s experience includes inspection of earthwork, paving, PCCP, utility relocations, concrete placement, structural retaining walls, bridges, and foundations, as well as traffic control elements. In addition to Jose’s extensive inspection experience, Jose has supervised, trained, and mentored field staff in various project applications. Jose has been involved with projects at the City of Phoenix, Arizona Department of Transportation, Maricopa County Department of Transportation, and City of Buckeye. Jose has certifications in ACI, ATTI, ATSSA, ECC, RST, and Nuclear Density Gauge Transportation & Safety.

At his new role with Infenix, Jose will be Sr. Construction Inspector working with the Infenix team for the City of Phoenix on the Valley Metro South Central Expansion.  Jose has fostered relationships with professionals throughout Arizona, created open communication with members of each project team, and has excelled at conflict resolution.  Jose is also bilingual in English and Spanish.

Lindsey Lawlis
Operations Support
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Lindsey is a registered Professional Engineer with a Civil Engineering degree from Arizona State University. She has spent most of her career working in various sections of the design and construction industry with her primary focus over the past 15 years being structural forensic engineering. Lindsey has been leading and supporting critical business operations for Infenix since 2018.

Jose Diaz
Information Technology
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Professional in technology, architecture consulting, product / solution engineering and delivery of innovative solutions using emerging technologies on web and mobile projects. Jose has worked with both internal and external clients enhancing business processes through the application of internet technologies. On his off time, Jose enjoys mentoring kids in Robotics, IoT and Cyber Security at the Phoenix-based makerspace, HeatSync Labs. Jose holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.