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Infenix is providing project management and construction management personnel to support the Valley Metro Tempe Streetcar project throughout the design and construction phases.

Project info
Light Rail Expansion Program
Valley Metro
Date of Services:
April 2017 - Present

Tempe Streetcar

The Tempe Streetcar project consists of 3 miles of new at-grade streetcar alignment that will traverse downtown Mill Avenue and operate adjacent to the Arizona State University (ASU) campus. The streetcar alignment will interface with the existing light rail alignment and will foster transfer between modes of transportation.

The Tempe Streetcar project

Tempe Streetcar will serve one of the highest transit ridership centers in the region. It will connect riders to neighborhoods, major business centers, and regional events and destinations. As the Valley’s first modern streetcar line, it will add to the comprehensive transit network in Tempe, which includes buses, circulators, light rail, bicycle, and pedestrian amenities.

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